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Scaling the seven mountains

At Connection Mission we dare to believe that when you encounter God anything is possible.  Our goal is to provide a framework for people to be equipped, resourced and connected to impact culture for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Our approach is based on the concept of the seven mountains or spheres that affect our culture:  Family, Church, Education, Media, Entertainment and Government.  Whether you know it or not, each of us have an impact on one – or more likely several – of these mountains.  

We do this through Executive Leadership Exchange as well as training, discipleship, community and education programs.


What does it look like when people step into their dreams fully equipped with what they need?  It looks like power.  With resources like leadership training, accountability, and something we like to call intentional community – true potential is unlocked.


Many of us are largely unaware of the influence that we carry.  This is where our passion is ignited – connecting people to their personal identities and professional missions – CONNECTION MISSION!


Connection Mission provides the space for people to build authentic relationships and elevate individuals, families, neighborhoods an the globe.

Partner with us.

Impacting culture through marketplace & community

New groups are currently forming.  Visit the Executive Leadership Exchange page for more information – or if you have already attended and are ready to make a commitment – sign-up using the link below

 Together we want to make love our default response through training, discipleship, community and education.    Join a group, start a group, attend an event or support a mission!

Ready to join?

Executive Leadership Exchange is currently accepting members in our Harrisburg and Lancaster chapters.  If you have attended a meeting and connected with the facilitator and are ready to join a group – finish your registration now!

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Need prayer?

Need Prayer or want to pray with us?

We meet regularly to pray into the seven mountains.  

If you have a specific prayer request, we would love to hear from you!


Want to give?

Our goal at Connection Mission is for anyone who wants to move from now to next to have that opportunity!

Your tax-deductible contribution allow us to:

  • offer low or no-cost workshops;
  • support local missions; and
  • partner with other like-minded organizations that are unlocking true potential in individuals, communities,
    and on a global level.