Executive Leadership Exchange

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There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel

Leaders grow here.

We believe in the sanctity of all work, so it is our honor to encourage, provoke and challenge leaders in all industries and types of organizations.

Exchange groups meet monthly. Membership is open to anyone who is on a path of personal and professional development in the area of business, leadership and marketplace as a ministry.
To ensure that everyone gets the most out of each session, chapters are capped at (12) members.  Additionally groups may be industry exclusive and/or participants matched by similar roles/responsibilities.  Members are asked to make a minimum six-month commitment.
Monthly Investment: $195
You are invited to attend two monthly Executive Leadership Exchange events as our guest before committing to membership. Find our next event here

Monthly membership includes:

What you can expect

Marketplace is a ministry

Sessions begin with training, development or inspiration, then transition in a process for pulling real solutions for real world issues and opportunities down from Heaven and the counsel of the group.  The experience is relaxed and uncomfortable, raw, challenging and uplifting.  Sometimes we cry.  Sometimes we grow. Every time we hold each other accountable and ask questions that drive us toward transforming marketplace culture into one that reflects God’s influence.

What levers can you pull to grow?

What tools can be applied to streamline processes? How do you position yourself for scalable growth? Dig into these questions and more with a combination of peers and subject-matter experts in monthly sessions designed take help you build a sustainable organization.

Leadership is ministry.

The encouragement, development and consistent challenge necessary to bring a group of people along to a common mission is ministry in its truest form and nowhere is this more relevant than in business. 

An abundance of wise counsel to take and apply to the everyday workings of business is invaluable – particularly when it is from the vantage point of a peer who has walked a similar road.

Providing perspective on objectives we are tackling is a key component of Executive Leadership Exchange.

Grow from now to next!

Figure out which ideas to apply within your company culture to make you stronger, bigger and more nimble. Recognize the road blocks that are keeping you from reaching full potential; and identify solutions that will imprint your passion across your company in tangible and intangible ways.

Why not join a chapter and be a part of a leadership culture that will transform how you see – and do – business as usual?