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Harrisburg, PA – Having outgrown their space in Mechanicsburg, PA, Wakeen Enterprise has renovated as 5000 square-foot space along Front Street in Harrisburg. In many ways, the new location represents a convergence of their vision that anything is possible and purpose to help people be intentional.
Wakeen Enterprise is the parent company of Wakeen & Company, Wakeen Media Group, Wakeen Pages, and Connection Mission. While each brand is distinctly different, they have a common desire to unlock true potential in people, organizations and communities.
Their new office provides an opportunity to host workshops, facilitation and coaching for their consultancy clients through Wakeen & Company while serving as a development and community hub for their non-profit entity, Connection Mission. It also provides the necessary room for their growing staff to provide media buying through Wakeen Media Group and strategic print placement services via Wakeen Pages.
The Susquehanna River is visible from almost every part of the space, a constant reminder of where they have been and inspiration for where they are heading
“There’s a reason why we’re positioned here. In business, I feel we’ve always had the unique ability to see what’s coming; to be futuristic for ourselves and for our clients. We’ve learned a lot about what the past has taught us – all while staying in the moment, which is what a river does. The river carries things towards us. It’s the future on its way. We’re able to see what’s coming, where we are currently, and where we’re going.” – Jeff Wakeen, Founder & CEO
Wakeen Enterprise is already starting to realize the vision of more space, as they recently held the first Kingdom Leadership Series – a workshop on building thriving cultures – and has an active Executive Leadership Exchange for business leaders that meets monthly. Connection Mission will launch at least two additional groups within the next few months that will provide opportunities for people to learn, have fun and build community together.
“Our move to Front Street in Harrisburg isn’t simply about expanding our physical space however” says, Kevin Wert, CMO. “We see it as a validation of a fresh approach to helping people and organizations beyond traditional marketing strategies – truly aligning culture and strategy.”
Wakeen Enterprise currently has ten full-time employees along with several consultants, interns and part-time team members.
 Wakeen Enterprise is located 2001 North Front Street, Suite 300, Harrisburg, PA 17102. Learn more at by visiting


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