Brianna Campbell

Speaker Summary

BIO: I’m in the business of helping people be intentional. Whether they are building a healthy company culture, developing their leadership skills, or wanting to foster healthier relationships – if they are intentional, they begin to unlock true potential. After graduating from Cornell University with a Communications degree and stepping into a consulting role, I quickly realized how impactful a psychometric tool in business can be. As a Culture Strategist and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I’ve had the privilege of walking individuals, families, corporate teams, and entire organizations through the process of understanding Strengths. There is power in putting language to your identity. When we lean into our strengths, potential suddenly becomes reali-ty. What an honor and joy it is to watch that unfold. 

SUMMARY: In this session, Brianna did a workshop on the 4 Pillars of Leader-ship (a strengths-based approach to identifying your leadership style).