Kevin Barbour

Speaker Summary

BIO: Born and raised in Elizabethtown, Kevin’s real business passions lie in coaching, teaching and guiding of employees. He also enjoys the analysis side of business, creative troubleshooting and engaging in sales and marketing with a twist. Kevin has had the privilege of seeing business from all angles including ownership with California Closets; leadership with Marriott, Hilton and Cam-bria; and consultancy with chamber and travel organizations. Having been mentored by Pete Roberts who was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine twice and held accountable to boards, management and ownership groups, Kevin realized that his true gift was simply with people, becoming a personal and business mentor. 

SUMMARY: The Loyalty Link… What happens when loyalty is missing and what difference can it make when it affects all phases of business, beyond reaching customers to employees? How can we create and encourage a culture of loyal-ty that permeates everything we do?