Matt Neff

Speaker Summary

BIO: Matt is a child of God, husband of Amy and father of Megan, Mackenzie, Judah, and Jedidiah. His mission is to know and reveal the oneness of God so that the body of Christ grows into the fullness of identity as children of God. Matt’s primary leadership experience over the last 25 years is with Sight & Sounds Theatres, bringing the bible to life for over a million guests each year through original, large-scale productions in theatres in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Branson, Missouri. Starting backstage in 1995, Matt has had the oppor-tunity to serve in leadership capacities in production and administration, and since 2015 has served as Chief Executive Officer, focusing on cultural oneness and mission health. 

SUMMARY: Legacy – honoring the leaders before us while discerning vision for the future. Through a story of navigating leadership succession, we explored how we honor the leaders who’ve gone before us while discerning vision for the future.