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Not all strategies are equal.

Is your print placement delivering?  Is the mix of publications generating an effective Reach/Frequency?  Do you understand the audience of each publication?  What kind of creative executions are possible in order to increase recall?  Wakeen Pages has the experience and research to partner with as a consultant or fully manage your print placements. 

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What we do

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Strategic Consultancy

We consider ourselves an agency to other agencies.  Providing intelligence, research and recommendations to support full-service advertising firms.  We provide position reporting and competition monitoring to help frame results in a way that is easy to share with internal teams and clients.  Experience the ease of one point of contact for all your print and online publishing placements.

Full-Service Print Placement

Expand your bandwidth without expanding your budget.  When you need a rapid response to round out your media plan or answer a client request, Wakeen Pages is on standby to help.  We manage the entire process from availability and negotiation to placement, creative trafficking and proof of performance. 

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Media Director Series©

Take the guesswork and wasted spending out of your media buying.  Designed by media buyers for media buyers to give you a full picture of how audited media works together to deliver your audience.  See how Media Director Series© could maximize your advertising dollars


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